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cool stuff games 4 ur website at the bottom

Remove 94% Mushroom Madness 2 Remove 85% Layer Maze Remove 83% Extreme Trucks 3 Remove 91% Youda Safari -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 88% Johnny Deep Remove 89% Skid MK Remove 77% Fun Break Remove 87% Slicerix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 78% 3d Buggy Racing Remove 90% Vehicles Remove 91% Dummy Never Fails Remove 91% Building Blaster 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 89% Truck Mania Remove 85% Deep Sea Diver Remove 87% Galactic Commandos Remove 88% Gibbets 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 91% Wake the Royalty Level Pack Remove 91% Kid Launcher Remove 88% Sydney Shark Remove 90% Bug War 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 86% Oil Worm Remove 89% Super Mario Crossover Remove 84% Super Mario Star Scramble 2 Remove 85% Speed Escape 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 84% Robot Wants Puppy Remove 88% Sift Heads World 2 Remove 91% Let It Glow Remove 94% Penguin Diner 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 90% Tank Destroyer 2 Remove 94% Homerun in Berzerk Land Remove 89% Sift Heads World Remove 94% Raze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 89% Cover Orange Players Pack Remove 89% Shopping Cart Hero 2 Remove 91% Airfield Mayhem Remove 85% PixelShuffle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 87% Final Ninja Remove 89% Home Sheep Home Remove 89% Hobo 3 Wanted Remove 89% Demolition Dude -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 91% Flaming Zombooka Remove 83% Blosics 2 Remove 84% Take It Down Remove 84% Tombscape 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 90% Gem Grab Remove 89% Bloons Super Monkey Remove 85% Mini Monster Challenge Remove 88% The Constructor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remove 89% Cover Orange 2 Remove 88% Hardball Frenzy Remove 84% Mouse Maniac Remove 90% Neon Rider Diner Dash: Hometown Hero

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Penguin Diner

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Whack Your Boss(17ways)

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Whack Your Soul Mate

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Whack Your Ex

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Whack Your Ex

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Whack Your PC

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Grow Island

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Bubble Shooter

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Shopping City

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Bloons Tower Defense 2


Interactive Buddy


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 Spank the Monkey - how fast can you spank the monkey? PoPuLaR
Shockwave Flash Online Casino Games - realistic play several slot machines and blackjack. Great graphics and sound!
PCman Pacman Game Archive - play many online versions. HoT
Flash Lunar Lander - updated with better graphics and playing field. HoT
Flash Frogger - great graphics and high score list.
Fuzzy McFluffenstein's Mouse Mash - explode mouse guts all over to win!
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 - the next episode of flying blood and guts.
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 - now with rocket powered mice and shooting hamsters.
Space Hunter - shoot enemy fighters and base ship with laser fire.
Snake Shooter - Shoot the snakes that slither through town.
Space Invaders - f-l-a-s-h good graphics, sound, high score list. HoT
Squid Hunter - under water in a sub harpoon squids, many levels.
Mario - help mario collect coins and save the princess.
Mario Halloween Bash - dracula is holding mario captive in halloween world.
Zelda - an RPG, help Link on his mission.
Sharp Shooter Alley - shoot and kill the snipers firing at you.
Super PCman Flash - help The PCman destroy cars with laser eye ray.
Skull Kid - shoot up and hack up the office with your chainsaw and gun.
Street Fighter the New Leader - fight among 8 opponents to get to the top.
Street Fighter 2 - the sequel to the street fighter series.
Scope Assault - be sniper taking out your enemies with your scope.
Pinball - pinball online drop the targets, hit the bumpers.
Personalized Madlibs Newspaper - be on the front page of a newspaper.
Risky Whisky - smuggle the whiskey in a pickup on dangerous roads.
Warthog Launch - explode grenades, launch the vehicle, kill the creatures.
Xiao Xiao 9 Fightman - use kungfu to punch & jumping kick your attackers.
Twilight Bella Dress Up - dress up bella from the Twilight book series.
Zombie Terror - save the screaming villagers from the zombies.
Matrix Bullettime Fighting - movie style action with flying ninja kicks punches.
Fishing Season - catch the fish score points.
3D Driver - drive the car without hitting the obstacles.
3D Ping Pong - virtual 3d ping pong against the computer.
3 Foot Ninja - fight you way to find the 5 scrolls of the elders.
3 Foot Ninja II - defeat the armies of the dead and mutated warriors.
Absolute Space - shoot the meteorites keep them at bay.
Acid Factory - kill monsters then teleport to the next level.
Action Driving Game - drive your BMW while avoiding the bombs and sheep.
Air Fox Destroyer - fly overhead and destroy the floating carrier cities.
Airplane Flight Simulation - realistic 3D flight, control with stick. HoT
Alien Abduction - abduct people beam them into the mothership.
Alien Attack - destroy the attacking ships so your people can be evacuated.
Alien Clones - shoot the approaching clone bots before your batteries run out.
Alphattack - blow up the dropping alpha bombs.
Ant Arena - a battle betwwen ants to the death.
Arse Race - pick and bet on your favorite arse to win.
Asteroids - one of the old arcade originals.
Flash Asteroids - a newer version of this old favorite. HoT
Badaboom - burst as many like colored balls in each round as you can.
Barb Jump - jump rope with barbwire, you better not miss!
Barry Potter - Harry's misfit brother hates owls and witches.
Baseball - pitch, bat get a homerun one or two players.
Bash a Bot - bash the megabot to gain points.
Basket Ball - shoot hoops using your mouse.
Battle Pong - an aggressive battle version of pong.
Battle Ship - play online against the computer.
Battleships - the miniclip version of battleship.
Black Jack - good quality casino card action.
Blair the Motivator - make blair jump and dance around to your will.
Bloody Hell - survive long enough to destroy the armies of hell. NeW
Bloomin Gardens - score points and win by testing your green thumb.
Blox Forever - move the blox on the puzzle board to match them.
Boom Boom Volleyball - beach volleyball with bombs and babes.
Bow Man - try to hit each other with a bow and arrow.
Bravesword - 2 players fight using swords in a medieval arena.
Breakout - the old paddle, ball and brick rebounder.
Bubble Trouble - pop the bubbles with being hit by them.
Bug on a Wire - make the bug jump over the crows.
Bunch - match balls and collect them from the board.
Bush Shoot Out - help bush and condoleeza shoot their way to safety.
Cable Capers 2 - get Arnold out of this underground maze away.
Cannon Blast - pirate Pete must sink the approaching ships.
Canyon Glider - fly your glider through the desert canyon.
Castlevania - a creepy adventure to kill the bats and zombies.
Cat-A-Pult - catapult the cats into the holes, don't splat them on the wall.
Centipede - an oldie but goodie shoot the bugs and centipede.

Checkers - just try to beat the computer.
Cliffie the Postman - help Cliffie deliver the mail in the Boston area.
Clowning Around - move the unicycle to catch the catapulting clowns.
Commando - help the allies win at the battle of britain.
Commando Arena - a battle between commando bots with laser cannons.
Crazy Balls - f-l-a-s-h use the pole to hit and remove the balls.
Crimson Viper - protect the city from the attacking spaceships.
Cube Buster - bust the cubes so they don't reach the top.
Curve Ball - Ping Pong inside of a 3D wire frame tube. HoT
Cutie Quake - blast everything that moves and don't get yourself shot!
Dancing Hillary - get hillary to dance and perform for you.
Darts Game - shockwave try to hit the bulls eye to win.
Deadtree Defender - from your tree top perch shoot your enemies with arrows.
Deep Freeze - help santa freeze the bandits and collect prizes.
Defender of the Moon - protect the base from the ships.
Deluxe Pool - use the pool stick to sink all of the balls.
Detonator - help the bomb disposal team detonate the bombs.
Dig Dug - a Dig-Dug clone.
Dodgeball - throw the ball take out your opponent.
Donkey Kong - help mario save the princess.
Dragonball Z - 2 player anime fighting action, choose your character!
Drakojan Skies - Mission 1 fire rockets, missiles protect drakojan citizens. NeW
Drakojan Skies 2 - Mission 2 fire rockets, missiles protect drakojan citizens. NeW
Drakojan Skies 3 - Mission 3 fire rockets, missiles protect drakojan citizens. NeW
Drums Online - record and play your own drum tracks.
Falcon Jet Fighter - shoot airplanes and tanks with bombs and missiles.
Fartmatic 5000 - somewhat crude not lude but amusing - shockwave flash.
Field Goal Challenge Rugby - kick a field goal through the goal post.
Rubik's Cube - rotate the sections to solve this 80's puzzle.
Flash Snake - three levels of difficulty and a high score list.
F l a s h Tron - force your opponent to crash to win. NeW
Foot Race - run and win a virtual foot race.
Freelance Ninja - complete your training to become a martial arts master.
Frisbee Dog - frisbee dog will explode if you catch a handgrenade.
Frogger - get the frog to safety avoid the dangers.
Frozen Bubble - launch and match the colored balls, excellent graphics.
Galactic Warrior - destroy the attacking spaceships.
Gopher Bash - like Wack-a-mole on the web.
Gravity - fight the planets gravity to complete your mission.
Gyroball - roll the ball through the mazee without touching the edges.
Half-Life 2 Total Mayhem - shoot the snipers before they get you!
Hangman Game - Hang Man guess the word by picking letters.
Hexxagon Flash - similar to Othello good graphics.
Hunter - destroy the insect life forms in the mine, collect the power crystals.
Ice Blox - protect yourself by pushing ice blocks into approaching flames.
Ice Slide - slingshot the walrus, don't hit the obstacles.
Jewels Flash - shock wave f-l-a-s-h remove the jewels from the board. bejeweled
Joust - joust with your enemies to defeat them.
Kill Em All - shoot and kill the enemy with a high powered gun.
Lunar Lander - land the space ship without crashing it.
Mahjongg F-L-A-S-H - ancient chinese tile puzzle.
Memory Squares - similar to concentration, find hidden pairs.
Mission Mars - bomb and clear out the city so you can land.
Moon Patrol - jump over craters while shooting barrels and ships.
Pacman - an oldie but still a good one. BuRNiNG HoT
PC Mad Libs. - our mad libs version of Mad Libs.
Peanut - flick peanuts past the squirrels into the goal.
Pig Latin Translator - Translates your language to Pig Latin.
Ping Pong - keep the ball bouncing on the paddle for points.
Poker - plays like real poker.
Pong(One Player) - the original arcade tennis.
Pong(Two Player) - the original arcade tennis for two.
Psychic Test - see if you have any psychic ability.
RC Helicopter - realistic remote control action. HoT
Flash Roulette - place your bet spin the wheel try your luck.
Rush Hour - get the red car to the exit, a puzzle. java
Samurai Warrior - attack and defeat the invading army.
Simon - repeat the pattern sequence as long as you can. flash
Shark Attack - save your friends from a shark attack.
Shell Game - try to guess which shell has the ball under it.
Shoot Bin Laden - foil the terrorist plot, save the hostages.
Shooting Range - try to hit the moving target with the rifle fire.
Skeeter Splatter - are you bored? splatter the skeeters!
Snake Game - capture the dot without crashing into the walls.
Snow Line - help Santa to collect the Christmas gifts.
Solitaire - online playing cards popular version. f-l-a-s-h
Soccer Flash - keep the ball up in the air.
Soccer Kick Up F l a s h - kick the ball keeping it up in the air.
Sonic the Hedgehog - help sonic collect the rings for points. CooL
Space Invaders 1 - a flash version of the old arcade favorite.(more on next page)
Star Castle - shoot the shields destroy the enemy ship.
Star War - shoot attacking fighter ships, flash.
Sudoku Puzzles - print out thousands of sudoku puzzles.
Sudoku Solver - instantly get the solution to your baffling sudoku puzzles.
Sumo Wrestler - wrestle against the opposing sumo wrestler.
Tail Gunner - shoot and destroy the space ships that approach.
Tank War - take turns shooting each others tank in tank war.
Tempest 1000 - shoot the attacking enemies climbing up the tunnel walls.
The Ashes - bat, bowl and field for 1 or 2 players.
Tron Light Cycle - win by crashing your opponent into your trail.
Virtual Drums - play drums online cymbals and all.
Wakeboarding XS - water ski and do jumps and tricks for points.
Warp - shoot targets with your tank.
Web War - fly through tunnels, shoot space ships.
Word Search Puzzle Creator - make your own word search puzzles.
Word Search Puzzles - many printable puzzles or make your own.
Word Search Crossword Puzzle - flash find the words from the list.
Word Search 2 Puzzle - find the words from many lists.
Wrath 2 - a vengeful god kills his creations using lightening bolts.

PCman Pacman Game Archive - play many online versions.
Flash Ping Pong - make your opponent miss to score.
3D Cluster - a 3D twist on tic-tac-toe.
3D Mazes to Print Out - many mazes with the solution for each.
Little Wizard - rpg use spells to rid the land of evil.
Age Calculator - calculate your age in many time formats.
Alien Invasion - shoot the aliens attacking the city.
Ancient Boy - similar in play to Breakout.
Ant City - burn the city with a huge magnifying glass.
Baby Dance - control the movements of the dancing baby.
Balance - balance the tennis racquet score points and power-ups.
Ball Eliminator Puzzle - solve each level by removing the balls.
Ball Bearing - guide the ball through the course without falling into the holes.
Ball in the Hole - drop the ball in the hole as many times as you can.
Ball Toy - a shockwave bouncing balls game.
BAP Breakout - another version of the Breakout game.
Battle Ship - sink your opponents ships first.
Blaster - blast and destroy your enemies space ship.
Blister Ball - shoot and destroy the attacking bouncing balls.
Bird Brain - don't let the birds attack you use the teleporter.
Book-It - flash grab the pages put them into the book score points.
Breakout 2 - a Java breakout clone.
Bridges Game - connect a line across the board.
Bouncing Balls - a useless interesting novelty.
Canoe Clobber - catch the fish avoid the obstacles.
Car Driving Course - Drive the car around the cones.
Caterpillar - eat the apples avoid hitting the walls, a snake clone.
Chili Eaters - be first to eat all of your chili peppers.
Chinese Checkers - many challenging puzzle board layouts.
Computer Quiz - test your basic computer knowledge online.
Concentration - test your memory skills.
Connect 4 - get 4 chips in a row to win, block the other player.
Connect Four - be first to connect four checkers in a row.(java)
Cup and Ball Game - which of three cups has the ball under it?
Cyber Mice Party - save the mice from the traps guide them to the cheese.
Duck Hunt - go on a virtual duck hunt with your dog.
Drive - avoid obstacles while driving down the road.
Eagles Quest - collect the jewels the owl drops from the skies above.
Etch a Sketch - an updated version of this old toy.
Farting Nun Organ - use farting nuns to play and record music.
Falling Stars - save the space ship from the colliding stars.
Falling Stones - correctly pile up the falling stones, like 3 level tetris.
Flash Match - match picture pairs to clear board, post high score.
Flash Maze 3D - go through tunnels, stairs elevators to finish maze.
Flashzooids - a f-l-a-s-h asteroids clone.
Funny Face Memory - mix up this silly face and correctly rebuild it.
Game Quiz - see if you know your stuff.
Guess My Number - guess the computers number.
Guess My Number 2 - flash, can your number be guessed?
HiLo Card Game - bet then guess if the next card is higher or lower.
Horse race - choose your winner off they go.
Iridium Space Fighter - knock out ememy fighters save the planet Irue.
Javanoid Breakout - better than the original game? More pieces, etc.
King of the Hill - use catapults to throw fireballs and save your castle.
Lickety Splat - help the frog catch all of the flies.
Lifesaver - don't let the balls run off the board.
Lightz Out - use the mouse to turn off all the lights.
Lost in Space - destroy the meteors for the colonial space fleet.
Magic Balls - fire the cannon to remove the magic balls.
Mario 2 - defeat Kinko, collect coins and save the princess

3D Maze - pick square or hex mazes and navigate through.
100 Meter Dash - online running race get your best time.
Mastermind - play this old favorite on the web.
Matches - try to leave the computer the last match.
Missile Command - protect your cities from incoming missiles.
Mixed Up Puzzle - a sliding tile puzzle with a new theme.
Monkey Kickoff - kick the ball the farthest for a high score.
Moon Raider - shoot the space ships with your lasers.
Nibbles - a two player game similar to snake.
Past Life Predictor - what were you like in your past life?
Pong Vintage Version - old java using Ascii chars and forms.
Race - pick your champion watch 'em go.
Rat Maze - lead the rat through the maze using cheese.
Road Racer - reach the end of the course before your fuel runs out.
Rubik's Cube - just like the real puzzle.
Shapes - like perfection fit the shapes into the holes.
Sheep Herder - help the dogs herd the sheep to win.
Shockwave Poker - play this shockwave flash card game here online.
Shockwave Slot Machine - place your bet and try your luck.
Shooting Gallery - what arcade would be complete without this?
Shoot It - shoot the castle to burn it down.
Shoot-N-Score - shoot as many baskets as you can. f-l-a-s-h
Simple Draw - a small drawing board make shapes, lines, colors.
Slider Puzzle - a sliding tile puzzle. flash
Skeet Shoot - shoot the targets with your shotgun.
Sky Fighters - shoot and destroy the planes with your lasers.
Slot Machine - flash slot machine try your luck to see if you win.
Snake Pit - gobble up the mice avoid the walls.
Solitaire - klondike solitaire the most popular version - java.
Space Flight Simulator - fly through space to the stars.
Space Invaders 2 - a java version of the old arcade favorite.
Spice Girls Shockwave Puzzle - try to assemble this jigsaw puzzle.
Spider - another type of solitaire.
Spirograph - like the kids use change colors and patterns.
Squish The Bugs - smash the green bugs, avoid the red bugs.
Star Base Defender - protect the base from planets and asteroids.
Star Fighter Fury - shoot oncoming ships, fast action, effects.
Street Hockey - street hockey against the computer.
Stupid Dance - well what can we say? It's stupid, see for yourself.
Tennis Game Online - play tennis online, beat the other side.
Flash Tic Tac Toe - updated w/ f-l-a-s-h put away your pencil and paper.
Tic-Tac-Toe - well it's tic-tac-toe no need to say more.
Tile Puzzle - an original looking sliding tile puzzle.
Torpedo Alley - sink the ships with your submarine.
Tower of Hanoi - move blocks from the left to right column.
Tux on the Run - help the penguin collect coins and gems.
UFO Attack - shoot the landing space ships with missiles.
Virtual 3D Maze - navigate passages and corridors in this maze.
Whack A Duck - Shockwave Flash, like Whack A Mole.
Wermz - a snake clone with obstacles to make it harder.
Worms - similar to snake,Java, eating the dots and getting longer.
Zapper Space Ship Shooter - destroy the attacking space ships.

King's Smith
King's Smith
Tropical Farm
Tropical Farm
Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets
Gotcha: Celebrity Secrets
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love
Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie
Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie
Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap
Nat Geo Games: Mystery of Cleopatra
Nat Geo Games: Mystery of Cleopatra


Cocktail Mania
Cocktail Mania
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
The Search for Amelia Earhart
The Search for Amelia Earhart
Wizard Land
Wizard Land
The Mysterious City: Vegas
The Mysterious City: Vegas
Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition
Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd Collector`s Edition
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy
Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy
Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper
Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper
The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1
The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1
Huje Adventure —January 19, 2010— Slip, squish, and slide your way through this gorgeous little physics platformer as you explore a mysterious asteroid. While a bit more polish would have done it good, Huje Adventure still manages to delight with a bizarre narrative, gorgeous environments, and all the squelching sound effects you can handle. And we think that's quite a bit.
  • First Person Tetris —January 19, 2010— With First Person Tetris, brace yourself to rediscover a classic game given a dizzyingly new makeover. Be warned, though, if you can survive the motion-induced nausea you may find out what all those office workers of old discovered: once started it's difficult to stop.
  • We the Giants —January 18, 2010— On the fifth day Peter Groeneweg finished his game and he saw that it was good. Then he decided to freeze himself into stone as a tribute to the next generation... in a manner of speaking. We The Giants is an experimental platform game about wisdom, its controls are very simple and it is very short. You should play it before reading the analysis and then come back to ponder a bit.
  • Hanamushi: Flower Insects —January 18, 2010— It is almost impossible to describe the joy created by wandering in the strange, surreal universe that Enu (Hanamushi) has created in Flower Insect. The synthesis of art, animation, game, and experience is nearly flawless, and will leave the casual gamer breathless as they wander deeper and deeper into the morass. Stunning beyond all belief, this is not necessarily a game to play all in one go. Rather, the Hanamushi game is something to consume in small bites, lest you find yourself deep in the abyss that is the imagination of an extremely talented individual.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Imp or Oaf?
    • • Sword & Poker
    • • Blocks with Letters On 'A'
    • • Mr. Space!!
    Mobile Monday —January 18, 2010— We hereby declare this Mobile Monday "International Skip the Lite Version Edition"! We had such a great time with the games below, we're confident enough to suggest you just take the plunge and skip all that extra downloading and such. It's especially true for Sword & Poker, as if you try the lite version and fall in love with the game (which, you will), nabbing the full version will force you to start over again from the beginning. :-O And congratulations to our BLOCKOBAN giveaway winners!
  • Penny Dreadfuls Sweeney Todd —January 17, 2010— When her fiance goes missing carrying a valuable string of pearls, Johanna turns to the only one she can trust on the seedy streets of London; you. Together with one of the city's finest, you'll need to put your hidden object skills to the test in this gorgeous adventure based upon the original legend of Sweeney Todd. Just be careful who you stick your neck out for. But do try the pie. It's delicious.
  • Farm Mania 2 —January 16, 2010— Return to the farmstead in this sequel to the popular original as Anna tries to make her dreams a reality. Featuring an updated look, streamlined gameplay, and more critters and vegetables for you to make a fortune on, Farm Mania 2 doesn't add much to an established formula, but still provides an improved and challenging experience for fans of time management and farming sims alike.
  • Last chance to Vote for the Best of 2009! —January 16, 2010— Just a quick reminder for those who might have been waiting until the last minute to cast those important votes: We are heading into the final hours of voting. All voting will end Sunday, January 17, 2010 at 11:59PM (GMT-5:00), so don't delay. VOTE NOW!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Wave Goodbye
    • • Squid and Let Die
    • • Wave Goodbye
    Weekend Download —January 16, 2010— Reflexes are a mixed bag, aren't they? On the one hand, they cause you to do things like uncontrollably kick people if they look at your knees (that's a reflex, honest), on the other hand, they jerk your hand away from painful objects and let you play insanely fast and chaotic games.
  • The Fall Trilogy Chapter 1: Separation —January 15, 2010— In this first chapter of The Fall Trilogy, a new adventure/hidden object hybrid game, Kheops has taken the look and feel of a large, platform-style or large-file game and condensed it down into easier casual gameplay. A nice intro for those new to the genre, while being challenging enough for those who love the larger, more immersion-filled experience of large-file games. Beautiful, alluring, and fun to play, The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 is a promising start to a new series. Here's hoping the trend continues!
  • Defuse: Amalgamated Research Group —January 15, 2010— Inspiring equal parts hate and admiration, Defuse consists of a series of increasingly difficult math and logic puzzles that can be solved using the mouse. What happens if you fail? Well, hey, the important thing is that you can retry without penalty. But if you can complete the puzzle in each room and make it to the finale, you will receive the ultimate reward... possibly.
  • Games Featured:
    • • Battalion: Vengeance
    • • Mahjong Dark Dimensions
    • • Jigsaw.X0.com
    • • Bongo Boom Battlegrounds
    • • Lapinka and the Hidden Shield
    Link Dump Friday —January 15, 2010— Puzzles and strategy abound on this week's Link Dump Friday, featuring modern twists on age old game ideas, long ears, and a whooole lotta tanks. Really, what else could you ask for to start your weekend off with? Except maybe a pony. A pony... with purple wings. And... magical breath that smells like cotton candy. ... well, now I'm all depressed. Try to enjoy this week's offerings anyway!
  • Logica —January 14, 2010— Logica is a color and number based puzzler from Candystand. The goal is to follow the instructions each level provides, and sometimes the point of the puzzle is in figuring out what those instructions are. There are three tiers of difficulty with ten levels each, plus a useful five level tutorial. The theme is good, the concept well-conceived and usually the puzzles are clever and a solid application of the concept.
  • Babylon Sticks: Old School —January 14, 2010— It's the old kids on the block you shouldn't mess with.
  • Libra —January 14, 2010— Stacking things on top of other things has never been more fun... or more tricky! Try to achieve the correct weight on the scales to balance both sides, but watch out; create a single solid row of blocks and they'll vanish, Tetris style! So warm up that thinker between your ears and put on your puzzle solving gloves, because Libra will test your mettle like few other games will.
  • Wordspector —January 14, 2010— Grab your magnifying glasses and reading glasses, it's time to become a dictionary detective! Or a lexicon lawman. Or a syllable sleuth. Perhaps an alliterative agent? Wordspector is a fast-paced word game that will have you scrambling to find the secret word using deduction and a bit of luck.
  • Ring Pass Not 2 —January 13, 2010— Beware your spare time, the sequel to Ring Pass Not is here! Addictive puzzle gameplay refined along with a new look, a new sound, and more. Make runic circles of matching colours and symbols to progress through the land, earning gems as you progress, to avoid being neatly charbroiled by dragons. While the game still depends somewhat on the luck of the draw, it's a challenging, fun game that can sneakily expand to fill all your free time if you don't keep an eye on it.
  • Cast your votes for the Best of Casual Gameplay 2009! —January 13, 2010— Just a quick reminder for those who may have missed our announcement late last week: Cast your votes now for the Best of Casual Gameplay 2009! You can vote for your favorite games once each day during the voting period. Voting period to end sometime this weekend, so don't delay! Vote now and vote every day!
  • Alice is Dead: Episode Two —January 13, 2010— Go deeper into the rabbit hole and uncover darker secrets in this sequel to the original Alice is Dead. You wake up to find yourself the newest resident of Wonderland Jail, and while your newest cellmate isn't very talkative, the strange little man in the cell next door has entirely too much to say. Point-and-click your way to escape, if not all the answers you seek, in this high-quality game of fairy-tale gone wrong. Just make sure you play the original first!
  • Escape From Bed Room —January 13, 2010— A simple room escape by Tesshi-e that returns to the basic form of escaping from a room, Escape From Bed Room is an entertaining, challenging way to spend 10 or 20 minutes. Although it perhaps lacks the complexity present in some games, there is still a lot of escaping fun to be had. Time to get off the couch, stop watching the tube, and expand your mind a little.
  • Super Dress Up! Morgan Freeman —January 12, 2010— Hold on to your socks, although they're probably about to be rocked right off anyway. Super Dress Up Morgan Freeman is here to bring rays of sunshine into your dreary life and forever ruin gaming for you. Because everything that comes after this is going to seem just a little bit worse in comparison to this sterling example of manly perfection.
  • Blast Master —January 12, 2010— Put your fine-tuning skills to the test as you endeavor to set off a chain reaction to destroy the entire board in Blast Master, the newest puzzle game from Komix and GameBalance. Using a set number of explosives, rig the board so that each detonation triggers the next until the area is clear. The perfect size to fill your coffee break with some much needed boom-age.
  • Pictogrid —January 11, 2010— A puzzle to bend your brain and beef up your solving skills, Pictogrid challenges the player with a simple premise; recreate a picture by sliding colored blocks around to match. Sound easy? Let us know if you still feel that way after ten levels. With forty in total to get through, Pictogrid offers a challenging experience for puzzle fans wrapped up in a sleek little package.
  • Bubba Time —January 11, 2010— Bounce, burst, and blow your way through Bubba Time as you race across tricky and sticky stages that will challenge your platforming skills as well as your puzzling ones in your quest to catch a thief! Move blocks, avoid enemies, and manipulate time... all while looking cute as a button! The next time someone asks what time it is, you know what to tell them. It's BUBBA TIME!
  • Games Featured:
    • • Doodle Jump
    • • Aztec Quest
    • • Mondrian
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Code for the Individual Games

4 Shockwave Flash Casino Games
Gaming Club Slots
Lucky Nugget Slots
River Belle Blackjack
River Belle Slots

Super PCman Flash
RC Helicopter
Space Hunter COOL
Flash Space Invaders HOT
Squid Hunter
Air Fox Destroyer
3D Driver
Airplane Flight Simulator
F-L-A-S-H Asteroids
Flash Basketball
Flash Lunar Lander REALLY HOT
Flash Pacman REALLY HOT
Hexxagon Flash HOT
Moon Patrol NEW
Star War Flash POPULAR
Web War HOT

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